Attendance at school is a legal requirement and research has also proven that children who attend school regularly have better future prospects.  Attending school has a huge impact on children’s academic success starting from Nursery right through to Secondary School. Research shows that pupils with high levels of school attendance are more likely to benefit from education, achieve better exam results and go on to have more successful careers.

Families play a key role in making sure their children get to school safely and on time.

Every absence comes at a price!

Why regular attendance is important

Sometimes being off school is unavoidable, but even a short absences can have a serious impact on your child’s progress in lessons; but more than that they miss out on chances to develop other skills. Children who regularly miss school can find it hard to make and keep friends and are often anxious when they return to school. Children with a history of poor attendance often don’t do as well in their exams as they should when they are older and their chances of getting a good job are reduced.

We want to avoid this at all costs, so if your child has a problem with coming to school, please let us know so that we support you to stop the problem getting worse!

Days Absent Missed Time Missed Lessons Attendance
1 1 day 5 99.5%
2 2 days 10 99%
3 3 days 15 98.5%
4 4 days 20 98%
5 1 week 25 97.5%
10 2 weeks 50 95%
15 3 weeks 75 92.5%
20 4 weeks 100 89.7%
25 5 weeks 125 87.5%
30 6 weeks 150 85%
35 7 weeks

A whole half term!

175 82.5%
40 8 weeks 200 80%

Unsure whether to keep your child off school? Follow the links below for further advice.

NHS – is my child too ill for school?

Managing Specific Infectious Diseases

Lateness in School

Every minute in school is very important; at Battle Hill Primary School learning starts immediately!

Children arriving late in school are often anxious about what they have missed and this may lead to them not wanting to come to school. The school day starts at 8.55am, We need your child to be in class by then; arriving after this will result in a late mark.

If getting your child to school on time is a struggle, please tell us, we are here to listen and help!

How can you help?

  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s sleep
  • Help your child with homework and reading so they aren’t worried about being ‘in trouble’ at school
  • Make sure that uniform and school bags are ready the night before and encourage your child to take responsibility for this as they get older
  • Set off in plenty of time to get to school in time
  • Breakfast is important either at home or at Breakfast Club
  • Let the school know if your child is worried about anything that might stop them wanting to come to school
  • Be positive about school even if your own experience wasn’t great and where possible, get involved with school activities and events

Leave of Absence

From September 2013 the law around holidays in term-time changed; the law now makes it clear that a Headteacher cannot agree to a child being absent from school for a holiday unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Battle Hill Primary School Attendance Policy