Our Vision and Values

At Battle Hill Primary we make sure that no door of opportunity is closed, so all children have a life full of choices. Our team are passionate that every child should make the best possible progress, socially, emotionally and academically, no matter what their starting points. The school is at the heart of the local community; we know our families very well and our curriculum reflects this. We offer our children a very carefully constructed programme of learning, rich in opportunities to build knowledge and skills, within exciting and meaningful contexts, so children move onto their next venture fully prepared for future education and careers. Our team go above and beyond to offer our children a chance to follow their interests and challenge themselves through our enrichment experiences. We foster a culture of mutual respect and acceptance, promoting British values in every aspect of school life. We nurture an understanding of children’s responsibility for other people in our school and wider community. Through special experiences and challenging conversations, we build their awareness and sense of responsibility for other communities and the natural world we live in.