Curriculum Overview

At Battle Hill Primary School, we have designed a curriculum which is well-sequenced and is structured so disciplinary knowledge builds over time and knowledge is ordered allowing pupils to see how it is connected. The use of retrieval practice gives the children the opportunity to revisit topics regularly, in order to lead to changes in long term memory and therefore deeper learning, contributing to success. It is driven by drivers relevant to the context of our school and has our children at the heart of it.

Possibility, Enrichment, Emotional Awareness and Community

It is designed with two goals in mind:

  • Rich cultural capital – providing our children with the background knowledge of the world they need to infer meaning, including building a rich bank of vocabulary to articulate ideas, develop understanding, oracy and engage with others effectively
  • A coherent, structured, academic curriculum that leads to sustained mastery for all, and greater depth of understanding for others.

Our curriculum explores the ‘big ideas’ that shape pupils’ thinking within each subject and provides a breadth of contexts in order to build the knowledge needed to make sense of these ‘big ideas’, while developing transference skills so the pupils can apply them. It allows for repetition and retrieval practice, leading to deeper learning over time, rather than performance in each lesson.

Our aim is that our curriculum provides all pupils with opportunities to reach their full potential and develop the life-long skills needed to make positive contributions to their community and wider society. The provision of a broad, rich curriculum, ensures that pupils leave our school fully prepared for future education and careers, with the firm belief that potential possibilities are unlimited.